What veganism and minimalism share

What veganism and minimalism have in common

It’s said; “the more you learn, the less you know!”

In this Saturday’s episode you’ll see that by opening oneself up to veganism, and challenging the social norms, it can really lead us onto all sorts of new paths, like minimalism. Both need courage to see and act differently to most people!

I feel so lucky to think independently, and here’s why!

Enjoy this episode of ‘Let Go Saturday’!

Live life, love life and have a great week, X Lilly ✨💓

Organising vs. Minimalising

Are you wondering why as much you organise your home, and put things in boxes, your house just never seems neat?

Ever considered that maybe you just have way too much stuff? In this ‘Let Go Saturday’ Youtube video I explain why I find minimising so much more sustainable and efficient!🏅

I hope you subscribe to my YouTube channel and follow my blog because my whole family is on the road to minimalism, we are busy minimising all our clutter, and we would love for you to join us.💗

Life life, love life and have a great week, X Lilly✨

Minimising Childhood Toys! Minimalism Series| ‘Let Go Saturday’

Let’s say good bye to some toys!🐻  This Saturday I chose which precious toys to donate or keep, to be more of a minimalist. Subscribe to my YouTube channel to join me on the journey.

I have collected (hoarded) so many toys since I was born and could never let them go! I love them to bits, but all good things continue and in this case I’ll pass them onto kids in hospital. 💗
I hope you guys enjoy and I will see you on Wednesday! 🌱

Live life, love life and have a great week! XX Lilly 👗