Gifting Toys to malnourished kids.

In this Saturday’s video my friend Mia and I went to our local public hospital here in South Africa to give a HUGE toy bear to someone who needs it. Through this link you can hear the story and see the malnourished boy who we gave the toy to. 💗

Screen Shot 2017-04-22 at 6.45.28 PM

It’s very sad to see people in such a way but I truly think he will be happy and jumping very soon.🏃🏿

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Life is all around you.

The sun’s rays shine through the ants’ little bodies, crawling down the branch in a prefect line, all carrying their parcels of food.

Perched, on the highest branch, is a robin bird singing to her friends miles out. She is getting lost in her own music.

A short way off, a tiny frog has sat himself between two leaves on a mango tree, taking his fine time until he hops off to his next resting spot.

On the side of the path scurries a millipede, no one knows where his 100 legs intend to carry him.   Not even he knows. The millipede is enjoying the journey, not the destination.

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Full Proof Nori Roll Recipe!

It’s hard to go wrong with the amazing Ruby Roth‘s sushi recipe! In this week’s YouTube video we jump into the kitchen and start to make some Nori rolls! You can fill them with WHATEVER you want and go wild with flavour! 🍣

I feel like sushi is that one thing everyone wants to make but just never gets around to doing, right?😌 Well, not today! Now it can be done with a click of the fingers!

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Minimising Childhood Toys! Minimalism Series| ‘Let Go Saturday’

Let’s say good bye to some toys!🐻  This Saturday I chose which precious toys to donate or keep, to be more of a minimalist. Subscribe to my YouTube channel to join me on the journey.

I have collected (hoarded) so many toys since I was born and could never let them go! I love them to bits, but all good things continue and in this case I’ll pass them onto kids in hospital. 💗
I hope you guys enjoy and I will see you on Wednesday! 🌱

Live life, love life and have a great week! XX Lilly 👗

meet pigcasso the painting pig

Pigcasso The Painting Pig! 🐷🎨

Meet Pigcasso, the fat, fabulous, fine artist! Pigcasso sleeps and creates master pieces in the amazing Farm Sanctuary SA in Franschhoek. And yes, you did read this right, this cute pig paints! 🐷
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DIY Easy Ways To Be Healthier!

Hey beautiful!💚

Want to know how to eat healthier in a way that is fast and easy?

I think these tips can help anyone! So here is the link to my video where I show you how!

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