Minimising Childhood Toys! Minimalism Series| ‘Let Go Saturday’

Let’s say good bye to some toys!🐻  This Saturday I chose which precious toys to donate or keep, to be more of a minimalist. Subscribe to my YouTube channel to join me on the journey.

I have collected (hoarded) so many toys since I was born and could never let them go! I love them to bits, but all good things continue and in this case I’ll pass them onto kids in hospital. 💗
I hope you guys enjoy and I will see you on Wednesday! 🌱

Live life, love life and have a great week! XX Lilly 👗

meet pigcasso the painting pig

Pigcasso The Painting Pig! 🐷🎨

Meet Pigcasso, the fat, fabulous, fine artist! Pigcasso sleeps and creates master pieces in the amazing Farm Sanctuary SA in Franschhoek. And yes, you did read this right, this cute pig paints! 🐷
This week’s episode (I think) is my best video yet! Tell me what you think when you watch it via this link!
I love you guys so much and I hope to see you this Saturday for another ‘Let Go Saturday’ minimalist video. Oh and next week Wednesday of course!
Snout kisses, XX Lilly🐽😘

fun alternatives to zoos and aquariums!

Visiting Petting Zoos Then Eating Bacon?

Hey Lovelies!💜

This week let’s talk about raising our generation to cuddle piglets and other farm animals at petting zoos but then eating these animals at home.🐥

It’s a real disconnect in our day and age that needs to change!  So lets bring awareness to the issue (I’ll give you fun animal entertainment alternatives) to save the animals and spread the love!🌱

Here is the link to my YouTube video!

Life life, love life and have a great week! XOXO Lilly💌

being called a weak vegan!

Being told vegans are weak!😨

This episode is all about people thinking because you’re vegan you are weak. I think it makes them feel better about themselves to say so.🤔

It can be difficult to reply when you’re put on the spot like that, but I’m here to help!🤗

Which means that in this week’s episode it’s all about the muscles, the protein, the calcium, and a secret ingredient.💪

Enjoy my video!

Live life, love life and have a great week! XOXO Lilly💜