Tips To Get Motivated!

Hello lovely!

Lately I’ve been struggling to get everything I need to get done done, I’ve been unmotivated. But I knew it was time for change and that something had to give so in this YouTube video I share with you what I did to help me get motivated again. I hope it helps you too.

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Live life, love life and have a great week, Lilly.

My Big Shoe Declutter!|Minimalism Series ‘Let Go Saturday’

Step into this Saturdays video of my shoe declutter! I have a ton of shoes and barely wear most of them, it’s time for a change! 😳

In the video I also share my top 3 tips of having less shoes and enjoying what you do have. 💓

I have been very busy with ballet competitions so I have missed notifying you some lf these videos. My top favourite 4 vegan documentaries | 10 ways to support veganism   | 6 Similarities between veganism & minimalism  😀

Life life, love life and have a great week! Xx Lilly 💕

Adults Need Hobbies! Thoughts of 12 Year Old!

I feel so strongly about adults expanding their creativity and living their passions! In this video  I sent a little reminder out there, saying that it is life changing to have a creative outlet to retire to after a long day at work, something to enjoy!✨

Even if you love your job it is still wonderful to have a hobby to make your day more interesting and use your left (logic) brain, and your right (artsy) brain!🤔

Hope you enjoy the video and I can’t wait to share my next ‘blog’ with you. If you don’t know what I mean check out my new tab above, under ‘blog’ to find out the exiting news!

Life life, love life and have a great week! XO Lilly🐸

Starting Fresh and Expressing Myself!

Hey wonderful friends! 🍀 So as you probably know it’s Lilly and once again I’m writing a blog. So then why is my title ‘starting new’?

It’s because I am!

I have a brand new tab and layout in my website called ‘Blog’, where I will be writing my spiritual pieces or creative writing and more. Usually I send short, personalised notifications about videos that I post on Lillycution (my lifestyle YouTube channel where I post videos every week)  but I truly love writing and do it a lot. However until now I have never published the articles online. But don’t get me wrong I will still be doing those notifications in the ‘YouTube’ tab above! 🌺

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