Tips To Get Motivated!

Hello lovely!

Lately I’ve been struggling to get everything I need to get done done, I’ve been unmotivated. But I knew it was time for change and that something had to give so in this YouTube video I share with you what I did to help me get motivated again. I hope it helps you too.

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Live life, love life and have a great week, Lilly.

My Big Shoe Declutter!|Minimalism Series ‘Let Go Saturday’

Step into this Saturdays video of my shoe declutter! I have a ton of shoes and barely wear most of them, it’s time for a change! 😳

In the video I also share my top 3 tips of having less shoes and enjoying what you do have. 💓

I have been very busy with ballet competitions so I have missed notifying you some lf these videos. My top favourite 4 vegan documentaries | 10 ways to support veganism   | 6 Similarities between veganism & minimalism  😀

Life life, love life and have a great week! Xx Lilly 💕

Adults Need Hobbies! Thoughts of 12 Year Old!

I feel so strongly about adults expanding their creativity and living their passions! In this video  I sent a little reminder out there, saying that it is life changing to have a creative outlet to retire to after a long day at work, something to enjoy!✨

Even if you love your job it is still wonderful to have a hobby to make your day more interesting and use your left (logic) brain, and your right (artsy) brain!🤔

Hope you enjoy the video and I can’t wait to share my next ‘blog’ with you. If you don’t know what I mean check out my new tab above, under ‘blog’ to find out the exiting news!

Life life, love life and have a great week! XO Lilly🐸

Starting Fresh and Expressing Myself!

Hey wonderful friends! 🍀 So as you probably know it’s Lilly and once again I’m writing a blog. So then why is my title ‘starting new’?

It’s because I am!

I have a brand new tab and layout in my website called ‘Blog’, where I will be writing my spiritual pieces or creative writing and more. Usually I send short, personalised notifications about videos that I post on Lillycution (my lifestyle YouTube channel where I post videos every week)  but I truly love writing and do it a lot. However until now I have never published the articles online. But don’t get me wrong I will still be doing those notifications in the ‘YouTube’ tab above! 🌺

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Minimising Childhood Toys! Minimalism Series| ‘Let Go Saturday’

Let’s say good bye to some toys!🐻  This Saturday I chose which precious toys to donate or keep, to be more of a minimalist. Subscribe to my YouTube channel to join me on the journey.

I have collected (hoarded) so many toys since I was born and could never let them go! I love them to bits, but all good things continue and in this case I’ll pass them onto kids in hospital. 💗
I hope you guys enjoy and I will see you on Wednesday! 🌱

Live life, love life and have a great week! XX Lilly 👗

meet pigcasso the painting pig

Pigcasso The Painting Pig! 🐷🎨

Meet Pigcasso, the fat, fabulous, fine artist! Pigcasso sleeps and creates master pieces in the amazing Farm Sanctuary SA in Franschhoek. And yes, you did read this right, this cute pig paints! 🐷
This week’s episode (I think) is my best video yet! Tell me what you think when you watch it via this link!
I love you guys so much and I hope to see you this Saturday for another ‘Let Go Saturday’ minimalist video. Oh and next week Wednesday of course!
Snout kisses, XX Lilly🐽😘

fun alternatives to zoos and aquariums!

Visiting Petting Zoos Then Eating Bacon?

Hey Lovelies!💜

This week let’s talk about raising our generation to cuddle piglets and other farm animals at petting zoos but then eating these animals at home.🐥

It’s a real disconnect in our day and age that needs to change!  So lets bring awareness to the issue (I’ll give you fun animal entertainment alternatives) to save the animals and spread the love!🌱

Here is the link to my YouTube video!

Life life, love life and have a great week! XOXO Lilly💌