Life is all around you.

The sun’s rays shine through the ants’ little bodies, crawling down the branch in a prefect line, all carrying their parcels of food.

Perched, on the highest branch, is a robin bird singing to her friends miles out. She is getting lost in her own music.

A short way off, a tiny frog has sat himself between two leaves on a mango tree, taking his fine time until he hops off to his next resting spot.

On the side of the path scurries a millipede, no one knows where his 100 legs intend to carry him.   Not even he knows. The millipede is enjoying the journey, not the destination.

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Starting Fresh and Expressing Myself!

Hey wonderful friends! 🍀 So as you probably know it’s Lilly and once again I’m writing a blog. So then why is my title ‘starting new’?

It’s because I am!

I have a brand new tab and layout in my website called ‘Blog’, where I will be writing my spiritual pieces or creative writing and more. Usually I send short, personalised notifications about videos that I post on Lillycution (my lifestyle YouTube channel where I post videos every week)  but I truly love writing and do it a lot. However until now I have never published the articles online. But don’t get me wrong I will still be doing those notifications in the ‘YouTube’ tab above! 🌺

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